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    所屬板塊:上交所主板 公司網站:www.bgechina.cn
    所屬行業:生態保護和環境治理業 公司電話:86-10-85782168


    Originating from the Institute of High Energy Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing GeoEnviron Engineering & Technology, Inc. (BGE) is one of the earliest national high-tech enterprises specializing in technology research, transformation of results and provision of systematic solutions for solid-waste pollution prevention and control. BGE was founded in 1992 and listed on the A-share main board in 2014 (stock code: 603588) with total assets of nearly 10 billion. In 2016, BGE was listed as the National Enterprise Technology Center; in 2017, its core technology won the second prize for the “National Science and Technology Progress”.


    After nearly 30 years of dedication and promoting industrial transformation and upgrading through technological innovation, BGE has formed a business model combining engineering contracting with investment, construction and operation. Engaging in two major fields of environmental remediation and solid waste treatment and disposal, it has become a comprehensive environmental protection service provider whose core businesses include environmental remediation, hazardous waste treatment and disposal, and MSW treatment. With 87 subsidiaries and affiliates, BGE is a large, competitive leading player in the environmental protection industry with diverse businesses.


    BGE has established long-term strategic partnership with prestigious scientific research institutions and environmental protection enterprises at home and abroad and been authorized to set up the Center for Academicians and Experts and a branch of the Postdoctoral Center in Zhongguancun Technology Park. BGE has highly qualified professional technical team for environmental protection technology research and consultation as well as service and management team for environmental protection projects. BGE also has several experienced senior technicians who are widely acknowledged at home and abroad. Having 310 patented technologies and 20 software copyrights, BGE has compiled or co-compiled 68 national or industrial standards together with technical specifications. So far, BGE has finished nearly 1000 environmental protection projects at home and abroad and been honored as the National Excellent Construction Enterprise. Suzhou Qizi Mountain Landfill Extension Project constructed by BGE has been honored as National Demonstration Project for Municipal Projects. The soil remediation project at a Suzhou solvent plant has become a benchmark for pollution control and remediation in China. Tengger Desert Environmental Restoration Project is a typical example for emergency treatment in China’s environmental protection industry.


     Upholding the operation principle of “assuring safety by virtue of science and technology”, sticking to company objectives of “pursuing sci-tech innovation and benefiting the people” and striving to fulfill the company mission of “committing to creating a safe and everlasting environment for mankind and society”, BGE is dedicated and committed to becoming the world-class environmental technology company that leads China’s environmental protection industry.


    [聯系我們]電話:010-68008968 傳真:010-68008963 郵箱:lcab_628@sina.com

    地址:北京市海淀區中關村南大街1號北京友誼賓館11號樓 郵編:100873

    版權所有:北京上市公司協會 京公網安備:110102003013

    版權所有:北京上市公司協會 京公網安備:110102003013


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